Alcohol and Risk Reduction Program DUI School



Discovery Center of West GA DUI School 

The process of completing the DUI Risk Reduction program can be confusing. We offer a step-by-step guide below based on the questions we receive from most of our students.

***Please understand that ALL DDS approved DUI Risk Reduction providers are required BY LAW to charge the fees stated below. Any difference in these charges (higher OR lower) are against the law.***

​Step 1 - The DUI Risk Reduction Program Assessment

You must first take an in office self assessment, which is 143 questions about you and your lifestyle. The assessment takes approximately 30-35 minutes and cost $100.00. The assessment must be completed prior to enrolling in the 20-hour course. 

Step 2 – The 20-hour Course

Once you have completed the assessment, you must attend the 20-hour in classroom course called the Risk Reduction/ DUI Program that cost $260.00. The 20-hour course fee must be paid before the first day of class.

Step 3- The Clinical Evaluation

You may have to have a Clinical Evaluation from a Dept of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities approved evaluator and complete any recommended treatment. The cost of the Clinical Evaluation is $110.00. 

Step 4 - Enroll in Treatment (if needed)

You must enroll in treatment with an approved treatment provider. The treatment is called ASAM-1. The three hour sessions are usually 1 time a week.

Step 5 - Ignition Interlock Installed (2nd and 3rd time DUI charge)

If you are a second time or more DUI offender within a five year or ten-year period, you are required to have an interlock device put on your vehicle.